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The most reliable travel agency in Oman is made by

awesome people.

The profound knowledge of history, environment and culture, will allow our guides to tell you stories, anecdotes and myths. The sense of humor and the management techniques of the group will make your travel experience unique.

Image by Javier Allegue Barros


Our mission is to develop and promote tourism that brings the greatest possible benefit to all participants: the host country, the travellers, and the tourism business. Our priorities are Planet, People, and Profit. To achieve this objective, we practice the values that stand at the core of International Responsible Tourism.

Image by Katerina Kerdi
Image by Katerina Kerdi


We are supporting the integrity of local culture by favouring businesses which conserve cultural heritage and are environmentally conscious. We anticipate expectations and assumptions of the travellers about local culture in order to disclose a door connecting different people. When you show respect, you get back a smile.



Not all the fingers of one hand are the same but they do a great job all together! We have different skills that are perfectly tuned in. We are all part of a wonderful team that understand traveler’s needs and efficiently operate to map them in the local landscape. We love Oman and love you to come to know it.


I am the chairman of Dhofar International Tourism. I am responsible for our actions, but the credit goes to our fantastic team!

Mohammed Ahmed Aideed


GM of Dhofar International Tourism, she is the director of this wonderful orchestra dedicated to offer innovative products in the International Responsible Tourism.

 Alice Tosi


I'm an archaeologist. I have been working in Oman for many years. I like to guide travellers in the choice of the perfect holiday.

Geraldina Santini


I'm a Jibbali. The mountain is my home and I am the leader and coordinator of all drivers.

Salem Mohammed Kashoob


I'm a fisherman as all my family from generations. The Arabian Sea is my garden. I’m responsible for all sea related activities.

Mohammed Said bait Suwailam


I'm from an ancient Mahri tribe. We traditionally breed the prestigious racing camels. My tea in the desert is the best!

Hafedh Al Mahri

I'm the first teacher of Salalah. I like to welcome travelers from around the world who came to meet our culture.

Hussain Babood


 I learn all the secrets of Frankincense from my ancestors and love to lead travelers across the ancient caravan routes.

Suhail Al Mahri


I’m a teacher. I love history and like to explain the social process that accompanied my people through the ages.

Said Jaboon

I’m a Bedouin, pure. I breed the black camel of Rub al Khali. The largest desert on earth has no secrets to me.

Bakheet Masson


I'm a filmmaker. I tell stories by images. I am responsible for the audio-visual documentation.

Musallam Ahmed Kashoob


I was born in Jebel Akhdar and I like hiking with travellers to show them the hidden paths of this mountain

Ahmad Yasir Al Tobi


I’m from the Saiq Plateau. I love botanics and the study of traditional agriculture. I like to share with travellers the secrets of the Green Mountain.

Ammar Yasir Al Tobi

Image by Katerina Kerdi

Let us design your next trip to Oman.

Just let us know what kind of experience you want and we will take you on a magic carpet through the exploration of enchanting places.

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