Offers with Accommodation

  • Ibex Desert Camp

    1 Night

    Khadaf, on the fringes of the grand desert.

    Experience a night in aBedouin Camp among the dunes of the largest sand desert of the world. Feel the immensity of the Empty Quarter under a stunning starry sky.



  • Rock Art in Jabal Akhdar

    3 Days

    Saiq Plateau, Wadi Almward, Wadi Habib, al Hamra, Wadi Tanuf, Birkat al Mouz.

    A three days full immersion in the secrets of the Green Mountain. Stroll on the ophiolitic plateau emerged from the Thetys Sea and read the story of the first inhabitants as they drawn it on the rocks.



  • A night in the Desert

    20 Hours

    Ubar, Khadaf, Wadi Dowka.

    A night in a Bedouin camp, among the silky dunes of the largest desert in the world, is an experience that will remain forever in your heart.



  • W-OMAN

    2 Weeks

    Muscat, Ras al Hadd, Masirah, Khaluf, Ash Shuwaiymiyya, Salalah, Rub al Khali, Nejd, Jabal Qamar, Jabal Samhan.

    Women only tour. Awesome women who want to discover all breathtaking nuanches of feminine culture through Oman from north to south.



  • Tour across the Desert

    1 Week

    Salalah, Montasar, Borkana, Shisr, Khadaf, Hasman, Mudhay.

    Travel across the highest dunes of the largest desert in the world. An emotional adventure that will reach straight to your hearth.



  • Leisure Escape in 5 Stars Hotel Salalah

    1 Week

    Salalah, al Baleed.

    Indulge in a total relax holiday in a prestigious 5 stars hotel between the shore of the Arabian Sea and the ancient capital Al Baleed.



  • Camping on the Eastern Coast of Dhofar

    3 Days

    Salalah, Taqa, Khor Rori, Mirbat, Shuwaiymiyya, Sadah.

    A breathtaking eastwards journey to explore the lesser known part of the Dhofar coast, where whales and dolphins are at home.



  • Tour East & West

    4 Days

    Salalah, Taqa, Khor Rori, Mirbat, Jabal al Qamar, Fazayah, Mughsayl.

    This is a tour focused on history. It is designed for those who what to get a panoramic view of the most interesting cultural location of Dhofar.



  • Frankincense Route

    5 Days

    Salalah, Shisr, Khadaf, Nejd, Fazayah, Mughsayl, Taqa, Khor Rori, Mirbat.

    This tour is for the lovers of wide spaces. After a tour of Salalah, we will take you to explore the ancient frankincense route for an unforgettable exciting experience.



  • Magic Dhofar

    1 Week

    Salalah, Shisr, Khadaf, Nejd, Fazayah, Mughsayl, Taqa, Khor Rori, Mirbat.

    In this journey we will visit the city, the desert and the mountains that surround the Salalah plain. A tour for those who like stunning landscapes



  • Solo Parent Tour

    1 Week

    Salalah, Shisr, Khadaf, Nejd, Jabal Qamar, Fazayah Beach, Mughsayl,

    Holiday for parents and grandparents who want to explore the wonders of Dhofar together with their children with special care for an exciting experience.



  • Petroglyphs of Oman

    1 Week

    Muscat, Shenah, Nizwa, Al Ayn, al Hamra, Wadi Al-Hareem, Wadi Bani Kharous.

    In Oman, rock art sites are scattered across the country and represent the rich spiritual values of a very ancient culture with great significance to both their creators and to their descendants.



  • Archaeological Tour

    9 Days

    Muscat, al Ayn, Jabreen, Nizwa, Salut, al Hamra, Salalah, Rub al Kali, Shisr,, Nejd, Sumhurram.

    Travel designed specifically for archaeology enthusiasts who want to explore ancient Oman with a professional guide who will lead a journey through the archaeological sites of Oman.



  • Silver Tour

    15 Days

    Muscat, Nizwa, Ras al Hadd, Sur, Salalah, Rub al Khali, Frankincense Trail, Fazayah.

    A travel designed for people of the Silver Age. A Tour for the nature lovers that will visit the most interesting archaeological sites and historical locations of Oman.



  • Yoga in the Desert

    5 Days

    Salalah, Shisr, Khadaf, Nejd, Mudhay, Mughsayl.

    Enjoy the Jaw-dropping scenery in the Rub al Khali Desert, magnificent hospitality, excellent food, twice-daily yoga classes in the desert, and five days steeped in the magic of Dhofar.



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