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Special Events & Offers

  • Ibex Desert Camp

    1 Night

    Khadaf, on the fringes of the grand desert.

    Experience a night in aBedouin Camp among the dunes of the largest sand desert of the world. Feel the immensity of the Empty Quarter under a stunning starry sky.



  • Rock Art in Jabal Akhdar

    3 Days

    Saiq Plateau, Wadi Almward, Wadi Habib, al Hamra, Wadi Tanuf, Birkat al Mouz.

    A three days full immersion in the secrets of the Green Mountain. Stroll on the ophiolitic plateau emerged from the Thetys Sea and read the story of the first inhabitants as they drawn it on the rocks.



  • Leisure Escape in 5 Stars Hotel Salalah

    1 Week

    Salalah, al Baleed.

    Indulge in a total relax holiday in a prestigious 5 stars hotel between the shore of the Arabian Sea and the ancient capital Al Baleed.



  • Yoga in the Desert

    5 Days

    Salalah, Shisr, Khadaf, Nejd, Mudhay, Mughsayl.

    Enjoy the Jaw-dropping scenery in the Rub al Khali Desert, magnificent hospitality, excellent food, twice-daily yoga classes in the desert, and five days steeped in the magic of Dhofar.



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