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Ibex Desert Camp

Experience a night in aBedouin Camp among the dunes of the largest sand desert of the world. Feel the immensity of the Empty Quarter under a stunning starry sky.


1 Night


Khadaf, on the fringes of the grand desert.

What is Included?

Shuttle service from and to Shisr; 1 night accommodation at Ibex Camp; traditional dinner and breakfast; English, Italian and French speaking guide available on request (supplement required); water, tea and snacks.


Our local guide will meet you at the village of Shisr, by the archaeological site of the fabled Lost City, Ubar,, and drive you to our traditional camp by the big sand dunes. You will be welcomed with a hot and sweet tea, a must of Bedouin hospitality. Dinner will be served after sunset. You will seat in the coloured tended majlis, and be served with a traditional dinner. After dinner you can enjoy time by the fire pit and experience the starry sky miles away from modernity. Each tent is for two people, with lined comfortable beds. Six shared toilets and showers (igienized after each use) are available at the camp. Breakfast is served after sunrise. Our Camp is pet friendly and respects the desertic environment.


Our Bedouin guide will meet you at the village of Shisr and drive you off road to the Camp Desert in Al Khadaf and drive you back to Shisr the morning after your night in the Rub al Khali.

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