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Camping on the Eastern Coast of Dhofar

A breathtaking eastwards journey to explore the lesser known part of the Dhofar coast, where whales and dolphins are at home.


3 Days


Salalah, Taqa, Khor Rori, Mirbat, Shuwaiymiyya, Sadah.

What is Included?

4x4 air conditioned vehicle with specialized driver (safety seats for children available on request); 2 nights free camping; all meals (lunch, dinner and breakfast); guided visits at Taqa, Sumhurram archaeological site, Mirbat; all entrance tickets; Dolphin watching; English speaking guide (other languages available on request); water, tea and snacks.


The eastern coastline of Dhofar, just in front of the Hallaniyat Islands, represented for the ancient geographers the last known strip of land. Still today it preserves a succession of port cities that base their subsistence on fishing. The typical village of Taqa; the spectacular lagoon of Khor Rori and the archaeological site of Sumhurram: a port built by the kingdom of Hadramout to control the spices trade on Indian Ocean; the port city of Mirbat, made prosperous by the trade of the famous Arab horses; the village of Sadah, developed in a narrow bay where fishing of the precious abalone is practiced, and the spectacular beach of Shuwaiymiyya. In this stretch of sea, due to the microclimate created by the monsoon, a community of humpback whales has been living permanently for over 5000 years.


The route goes from the city of Salalah to the beach of Shuwaiymiyya, one of the most beautiful beaches on our planet, flanking the mountain of Jabal Samhan, with its stratified cliffs, over 1000 meters above sea level, overhanging the Arabian Sea.

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