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Tour across the Desert

Travel across the highest dunes of the largest desert in the world. An emotional adventure that will reach straight to your hearth.


1 Week


Salalah, Montasar, Borkana, Shisr, Khadaf, Hasman, Mudhay.

What is Included?

4x4 air conditioned vehicle with specialized driver; 2 nights accommodation at a 5 stars hotel; 3 nights free camping; 1 night at Khadaf Bedouin Camp; all meals (lunch, dinner and breakfast); guided visits at Salalah, archaeological sites, Wadi Dowka, Rub al Khali; all entrance tickets; English speaking guide (other languages available on request - supplement required); gift bag; water, tea and snacks.


The Rub al Khali is the largest continuous sand desert on earth. It covers a surface of some 650.000 km2 and is still largely unexplored. Now a hyper-arid environment was a fertile land during the wet geological phases that followed the glaciation age and it still hides the remains of prehistoric population. You will cross the beauty of the never-ending landscape of dunes that constantly changes by the wind, seeking for the hidden wells and oasis. You will share the true Bedouin life, sitting around a campfire and listening to the legends that became the history of this proud people. Rub al Khali means the “Empty Quarter”. Arab mythology holds that when God created the world, he made three quarters where people lived, and left one quarter empty to allow men to confront the immensity and regain their own dimension.


The route goes from the city of Salalah to the oasis of Montasar, resting place for migratory birds. It follows the ancient Bedouin path, marked by the oases hidden among the dunes, back to the coastal line overhanging the Arabian Sea.

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