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Desert Sunset

A spectacular sunset over the silky dunes of the Rub al Khali. A magic experience of the largest desert on earth that will stay in your soul forever.


8 Hours


Ubar, Khadaf, Wadi Dowka,

What is Included?

4x4 air conditioned vehicle with specialized driver (safety seats for children available on request); guided visits at Shisr archaeological site, Wadi Dowka (Frankincense valley), high dunes of Rub al Khali; all entrance tickets; English speaking guide (other languages available on request – supplement required); water, tea and snacks.


In the afternoon we will hit the road that takes to the desert, crossing the Dhofar Mountain Range, we will leave the fertile Salalah plain to reach the desertic environment of the interior. We will stop at the Frankincense Park in Wadi Dowka (UNESCO site) to see the largest concentration of Boswellia sacra trees, the plant that produces the precious frankincense resin. We will visit the archaeological site of Shisr (UNESCO site), interpreted as the mythic city of Ubar, the Atlantis of the Sands. At Shisr we will get off road to reach the big dunes of Khadaf, at the fringes of the Rub al Khali, the largest desert on Earth (650000, still largely unexplored. We will climb the highest dune and will enjoy the iconic tea in the desert over a most spectacular sunset.


The route goes from the city of Salalah to the town of Shisr, crossing Jabal al Qara, the central mountain of the Dhofari Range. A road that takes from the shore of the Ocean to the fringes of the “Empty Quarter”.

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