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Jabal Al Qamar And Mughsayl

A short excursion to the Jabal al Qamar (The Mountain of the Moon) and the beautiful Mughsayl Beach. Promenade at the beautiful setting of Marneef Cave.


4 Hours


Jabal al Qamar, Frankincense trees, Marneef Cave, Mughsayl.

What is Included?

4x4 air-conditioned vehicle with specialized driver (safety seats for children available on request); guided visit at Frankincense Trees, Marneef Cave; English speaking guide (other languages available on request – supplement required); water.


We will take you to admire the beauty of Jabal al Qamar (the mountain of the moon), where you wouldn’t be surprised by seeing a pterodactyl flying in the sky. We will drive through a panoramic road to reach the top of the mountain to admire the spectacular vertical cliffs of stratified rocks on the Arabian Sea. We will stop to see the modest trees that produces the purest frankincense in their natural habitat. We will stop at Mughsayl Beach, on the seasonal path followed by schools of dolphins and humpback wales, and take a walk over the submarine cave of Marneef, where waves can blow through carsick vertical erosions creating false geysers that can reach up to 20 meters high.


The route starts from Salalah, and crosses the city industrial area, by the Port of Salalah, to enter the “Mountain of the Moon”, the easternmost mountain of the Dhofari Range. Stop at panoramic view, frankincense trees, Mughsayl Beach and Marneef Cave.

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