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Rock Art in Dhofar

An excursion in the mountain of Jabal Samhan to see the most relevant landscape of the region and observe how the first inhabitants depicted it thousands of years ago.


4 Hours


Jabal Samhan, Taiq Cave, Wadi Darbat, Wadi Hinna.

What is Included?

4x4 air-conditioned vehicle with specialized driver (safety seats for children available on request); guided visit at Jabal Samhan, Wadi Darbat Cave; English speaking expert guide (other languages available on request – supplement required); water.


A tour to discover the barren landscapes of winter, which quickly turn at the beginning of the rains into an endless succession of valleys and green hills where farm animals (and not) are the masters. The rain comes from the sky and the multiplication of livestock occurs naturally without the slightest effort on the part of man. On the mountain, people live in symbiosis with their flocks. They are the ones who give the pace of life. The animals need space to find their own needs and have to move around in search of new pastures. The semi-nomadic peoples of the mountain have described their history by painting the walls of the caves that served as their shelter. A short trek across the largest wadi in the region will take us to a scenic cave painted 2000 years ago and beyond.


The route from Salalah goes east to Wadi Darbat, the main wadi in the region, up to the plateau of Jabal Samhan, some 1800 meters above sea level and descend towards the coast by Wadi Hinna and the antigravity spot.

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