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Oman's coastline is an ever-surprising succession of best beaches, bays, and rich and complex environments.

Oman covers the south-eastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula, overlooking the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. The sea has always been an inexhaustible source of food resources for Oman, and of contact and trade with the surrounding cultures. Hundreds of kilometres of pristine beaches and spectacular cliffs overlooking the ocean are the beauty of Oman. We have selected 10 dream beaches that have thrilled us. If there are other places along the Omani coastline that you would like to see on this list, please recommend them in the comments.

1. Khor Rori

A magic sandy beach on the delta of the main Dhofar wadi interpreted over the millennia as the place of the Paradise of the Earth (Photograph by Andrew Bednall).

2. Ras al Jinz

A beach of rosy sand embellished with rock formations carved by the wind. A nature reserve for turtles, you can admire these mysterious animals during their breeding season. Suitable for families (Photograph by Fiorenzo Calosso).

3. Bandar Khairan

The most spectacular of the many coves that open up on the rocky coast of the Sharqiya. Don't forget your mask and snorkel to look at the wonderful underwater garden.

4. Ash Shuwaymyyiah

Amazing beach over 30 km long. Opposite the Hallaniyat Islands, home to the oldest humpback whales in the Indian Ocean. Ideal for families.

5. Sur

Sur is the first safe harbour in the Gulf of Oman for all sailors coming from the Indian Ocean. Its spectacular lagoon forms a natural wet dock used for mooring and sheltering boats.

6. Fins

Beautiful sandy beach, nestled between the low cliffs of the Sharqiya. On the shore, carried by the surf, one can find the most beautiful shells of the Indian Ocean. Ideal for families.

7. Fazayah

On the foot of a cliff over 1000 metres high is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Among the wind-sculpted rocks and sacred Boswellia trees, you can breathe in the feeling of the Jurassic. Suitable for families (Photograph by Andrew Bednall).

8. Haffa

Haffa is the beach of Salalah. Fine white sand frames the capital of Dhofar. Between the coconut palms, bowed by the wind, and the mounds of sand accumulated by the crabs, the natives sit to admire the sunset. Ideal for families.

9. Mughsayl

On the western side of Salalah lies a beautiful white beach, enhanced by the mouth of a large wadi. The beach ends in an underwater cave which creates false geysers at high tide. Ideal for families (Photograph by Andrew Bednall).

10. Shatti Ad Damar

Near the town of Mirbat lies a piece of the great desert. The golden sands of the Rub al Khali have managed to infiltrate the mountain passes and fill a stretch of coastline. The name of this beach in Arabic means 'filled beach'. Suitable for families (Photograph by Andrew Bednall).

The Omani coastline stretches over 1,700 kilometres along the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea. It has always been an integral part of the country's history and made Oman a seafaring nation that has enjoyed peaceful interactions with its neighbours for millennia. Came to share our vision and support the integrity of local culture.


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