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Top 10 places to see in Oman

Oman is an amazing country that offers unique landscapes. In an area of 309,500 km2 it includes desert, sea, mountains, and a variety of climates ranging from hyperarid to subtropical. These are the 10 most beautiful places in Oman that we have selected for you. If you have other places in mind that you'd like to list, add them in the comments.

1. Rub al Khali Desert

2. Haffa Beach

3. Jabal Samhan

4. Misfat al Arbiyyin

5. Nakal

6. Ras Musandam

7. Ibra

8. Jabreen Castle

9. Al Ayn

10. Muscat Grand Mosque

Oman is a stunning Country where a modern Middle Eastern charme is surrounded by pristine nature. Beautiful beaches, mountains, architecture and, last but not least, the people compose a picture not to be missed. Came to share our vision and support the integrity of local culture.


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