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Oman is a land of a thousand contrasts, forming a kaleidoscope of colors and emotions.  Deserts, seas and mountains where  ancient populations have evolved, in harmony with the environment, to create a modern country. Dhofar is a planet built on tradition within it.

Ibex Desert Camp
Rock Art in Jabal Akhdar
Yoga in the Desert

We aim at promoting sustainable high-quality cultural tourism to spread knowledge of the country's history and culture. We will take you through the exploration of enchanting places by offering a vivid and profound image of archaeological sites, natural environment, and culture.

The most reliable travel agency in Oman is made by awesome people.

The profound knowledge of history, environment and culture, will allow our guides to tell you stories, anecdotes and myths. The sense of humor and the management techniques of the group will make your travel experience unique.

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Personal Customer Care


You will have your Personal Agent to help you with your reservation and during your journey.

Local Know-How


Our local guides and specialist lecturers will always offer a memorable insight of Oman.


Best Quality Tours

We appreciate the beautiful things of life and we like to offer the best to our guests .

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Let us design your next trip to Oman.

Just let us know what kind of experience you want and we will take you on a magic carpet through the exploration of enchanting places.

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